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Anna is a Children’s author based in Suffolk, England. Her Smokey books series have become an inspiration to many young children through the adventures of her family pets Smokey, Portia, and Balou who embark on magical adventures.

Smokey and Friends

The inspiration for Smokey and his friends came from Anna’s family pets: Smokey, a white Welsh Mountain Pony, Portia a beautiful white Persian Chinchilla Cat, and Balou a happy-go-lucky Hungarian Vizsla Dog. Each character has unique personalities brought together through stories demonstrating strength and support that friendship brings to a relationship.

Smokey’s adventures are the perfect place for children to learn, explore, and have fun. Visit Smokey and his friends with your children here


The Smokey books series takes Smokey, Portia and Balou to magical places with new characters being brought in for the different adventures. As you enter the books you will see the individual portraits of the three pets, who were the inspiration for these stories and to whom the books are dedicated.


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